pseudologia fantastica

kp sun-shine clouds die

it’s terrible knowing no one will ever love me other than him, even worse knowing he doesn’t even love me properly.. I’m dying inside today

really don’t know why I bother with any fucking thing because honestly no matter what I do I’ll always be the last priority… nothing I say or do or think will be appreciated, no logic will form… no one will care. everything will continue to be as it always has, with me being just another expendable factor in every fucking equation.
expect nothing appreciate everything I guess..

I think I’ll miss you forever, I can never forget

I don’t know what I’m doing anymore

naked cuddles are the most intimate lovely freeing thing you can do. you feel so connected, in every way. so peaceful. I could use some today .

I want a whole new life new horizons new people new opportunities new experiences new trips I want to start over I want a second chance what is this

discouraged, disappointed, and down right upset

I want to be able to talk to people and say things and mean things and not have every little thing I say analysed and judged and picked apart.
it doesn’t have to make sense to you it makes sense to me
let me talk let me breath let me think let me fuvking feel
for once just let me feel

2013 was good to me, I got better and worse and better and I’m here, with a smile on my face.
a real one, and this is the first time in certain about something
I’ll never be completely ok
and that’s ok
but I’m proud of how far I’ve come, even if it wasn’t alone

tell me what’s lovely
lopsided and shit,
I need sleep but my brains exploding oh

I want to read until the sun comes up but then I’ll want to die tomorrow


what even are we meant to do with life. Like inhale and exhale weird transparent matter, consume odd things to remain functioning in a body we don’t even understand and then turn into rotting corpses like what even is the purpose i don’t understand 

thank you

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if you think I’m weird you’re probably a prude

my cats a dick wanna know why
oh I’m at the top of my dash now?
oh really??
why is that?

I feel like my boyfriend and I are drifting I don’t know if he still wants to be with me and all I wanna do is cry and drink I’m sorry ok