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pseudologia fantastica

I'm Reese,
daisies daisies, lay me down in this bed of daisies baby.
My blogs kind of bipolar, just like me..
i just want to be alright.
done boring you

2013 was good to me, I got better and worse and better and I’m here, with a smile on my face.
a real one, and this is the first time in certain about something
I’ll never be completely ok
and that’s ok
but I’m proud of how far I’ve come, even if it wasn’t alone

tell me what’s lovely
lopsided and shit,
I need sleep but my brains exploding oh

I want to read until the sun comes up but then I’ll want to die tomorrow


what even are we meant to do with life. Like inhale and exhale weird transparent matter, consume odd things to remain functioning in a body we don’t even understand and then turn into rotting corpses like what even is the purpose i don’t understand 

thank you

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if you think I’m weird you’re probably a prude

my cats a dick wanna know why
oh I’m at the top of my dash now?
oh really??
why is that?

I feel like my boyfriend and I are drifting I don’t know if he still wants to be with me and all I wanna do is cry and drink I’m sorry ok

I wanna sleep, and I’m sorta tired but I also wanna watch rocky horror picture show so I’m just having troubles you know.. I just want my boyfriend to love me again .. he hates me lately so I’m sad and it hurts help

I have never heard a valid argument that made me reconsider my beliefs about abortion.. pro choice like it’s your body and no one else’s.
not once have I heard anything from anyone pro life that made sense

tell me I have nice tits we can prob be friends idk

one year anniversary 💝

it was weird, it was weird, I was sitting on him I just started trying to hold back my tears, naturally it didnt work.. and he got sorta freaked out and asked what was wrong, and honestly I’m still not completely sure, all I know is him holding me as I cried, and he rubbed my back, was as happy as I could ever even wish to be, I was sad but in that with him, he makes everything better I don’t know

hickies are my favorite, I love giving them, getting them. just lovely, cause its like a path reminder of where his lips and love have been 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

if I try not to focus I just feel numb, but numb is better than sad right.

I love everything. I love you, and I love me, I love the wind and breathing and rain and voices, and text messages from people I love, I love yawning and waking up late, I love everything everywhere but most of all I love him